How to Avoid Side Hustle Burnout

Starting a side hustle can be one of the most rewarding, yet one of the most challenging things you can do whilst still working a full time job. In some cases, adding a side hustle on top of a 40/50 working week can lead to both mental and physical exhaustion which could eventually result in you giving up the thing you wanted to start in the first place.

If you’re worried about this becoming a thing for you, or maybe you are already experience some Side Hustle Burnout, try these tips to give you the best chance of avoiding it:


1. Set realistic expectations.

It’s likely that if you are starting a side hustle alongside an already demanding full time job, you’re someone that will have an abundance of ambition, which is great! However, it’s important to set realistic expectations on what you can achieve in the time frame that you are given. Start by setting yourself goals that can easily be achieved and build on them as you grow overtime.


2. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Comparing your business to others that are in completely different situations to you can lead you down the wrong path. It’s extremely important that the only person you should ever compete against is yourself and understand that only you are in control of the outcome. I would never look at Beyonce and ask myself “Why can I not sign like her?”, so why should you?

I personally used to struggle with this from the start and I can promise you now, the moment you realise it’s you vs you, the more productive and positive you become with your side hustle.


3. Plan your week around the time you can’t change.

In most cases, this will be planning your week around your job and family. You can’t change the time you have to work, so there is no point trying to fit things in during this period.

For me, I like to start my week by planning it on the Sunday evening before, I use a simple calendar on my phone and block out my work, personal and side hustle time with different colour codes.


4. Take regular breaks

If your side hustle is based at home, it can be really easy to get locked into your computer for countless hours with no form of a break or fresh air. I try get up every 30 minutes to either go for a wonder around the house, grab a drink or make a phone call.

At first, try setting an alarm on your phone to go off every 30 minutes and you will soon find that after a short while you will be doing it naturally.


5. Have a set day off

Whilst I’m a big supporter of working hard and the “Hustle” culture, I’ve learnt in the past few years of how important it is to take some time to yourself. I now set every Sunday as a full day where I can do whatever I want that is not related to either my main job or side hustle.

Doing this helps me keep that healthy balance between work and the enjoyment of being a human.


6. Keep a record of your accomplishments

If you’re running a side hustle on top of an already demanding day job, you’re already doing some remarkable things, so why not remind yourself? I like to keep a note of all mine using a website called Notion. I have set up a journal that where I log every single day with my achievements. It takes a couple seconds to do and will last with you for a lifetime.



There’s just a few different ways that you can avoid side hustle burnout. If you are struggling with motivation, then give a couple of these a go and let me know how you get on.

Alternatively, if you were looking for a new side hustle to start, then check out this video – Click here!


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