5 Best TV Shows & Films to Inspire Millennial Entrepreneurs in 2021

If you’re somebody that is just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, you may or may not have searched for some tv shows  to get those business juices flowing. After speaking with a bunch of millennial entrepreneurs and finding out what really motivates them, I have come up with the best tv shows & films to inspire millennial entrepreneurs in 2021.

1) Billions – TV Series

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Billions stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis and is a drama series about the world of New York High Finance. The main plot of the series revolves around U.S Attorney Chuck Rhoades trying to take down multi billionaire Bobby Axelrod, who is the owner of Axe Capital, one of the largest hedge funds in New York. This is the perfect series for you if you’re into making money. Especially, if you like to invest your money in the stock market. During the first season, there is an episode called “The Short Squeeze” which very much resembles the recently on goings in the real news involving GameStop and a certain hedge fund. I found it very interesting to watch it from the “big money” side of things.

The show currently has 4 seasons and it has been renewed for a 5th. You can watch all 4 seasons on Showtime(USA) or Sky Atlantic(UK).

Subscribers of NowTV’s Entertainment Package can also view all 4 seasons too.


2) The Wolf Of Wall Street – Film

Another one for the investor/ entrepreneur is The Wolf Of Wall Street. It is based on a true story that follows Jordan Belfort(Leonardo Dicaprio) through his rise and fall on Wall Street. One thing that is massively inspiring is that it follows the rise of a young entrepreneur that finally makes the big time by working hard. With some stumbles along the way! If your entrepreneurial motivation comes from the need for nice things and living the part lifestyle, then this is the film for you.

The film is close to 3 hours long so make sure you have a comfy seat and some popcorn at the ready because you are going to be watching it for a while. Having said that not at one point did I feel bored watching this epic movie.

The film is currently available on Netflix in both USA & UK.


3) Silicon Valley – TV Series

If you’re somebody that has a great start up idea, or maybe you’re a bit of a techie, I think Silicon Valley could be the show for you. This is a series that follows a group of struggling software engineers that created a software under the company name Pied Piper. This show has a real feel good factor to it alongside some great gags that any up and coming entrepreneur can relate to. The show currently has 53 episode spread across 6 seasons so it is certainly available to be “binge watched”. One thing I love about the show is that it has tied current events in as the show has developed. For example, season 4 is heavily evolved around the recent boom of cryptocurrency, but I wont give anything else away.

The show is currently available to watch on both HBO in US & UK and is also available with Amazon Prime Video.

4) Shark Tank / Dragons Den – TV Series

Shark Tank & Dragons Den are pretty much the same shows apart from one is based in the USA and the other in the UK. The show features a panel of well known businessmen and women that judges entrepreneur’s with product and business ideas that they present to their “Sharks / Dragons”. From there, they then make a decision on whether to invest into the business idea or not. These shows are normally considered the go to viewings for motivation, especially when you have a hot idea you want to get inspiration for.

One funny story I have personally is that I once held an idea I wanted to pursue with, only to see pretty much an identical one being presented and turned down on Dragons Den. Least to say my dream idea then came to an end after some stern advice from Duncan Banantyne.

You can view both shows on Netflix UK & USA.


5) Scarface

Little bit of a controversial one here but hey why not! Whilst Scarface is a film about the rise and fall of a Cuban drug lord, I feel there are many takeaways from Tony Montana’s story.

Seeing the story of someone who came from virtually nothing to having it all is one lesson, whilst another one is to stay humble, even when you’re at the top. Scarface shows some of the sacrifices that were made to make it to the top but equally showing the mistakes that can be made due to the blindness behind money and power.

Once again, Scarface is a mammoth watch of over 3 hours but one that will have you glued to the screen throughout.

You can watch Scarface on both US & UK Netflix.

Need more Ideas?

Have you seen all those great films and shows  that I just mentioned? Then why not check out some content from my self. Here is a video that I created sharing my first 3 months of Entrepreneurship. I think everyone that runs their own business can relate to some of the points I make in this video. Otherwise, why not check out my own personal story as an entrepreneur on this blog, click here.



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