My Online Business & Personal Branding Story ( So Far)


Hi I’m Christos Fellas and welcome to my website.

I’m an online entrepreneur, investor, content creator & coach with a passion to help others generate multiple online income streams whilst making the right choices with their money.

At 23 years old, I began my journey into online business with my first ever venture being a web design company. From there I have never looked back!

On January 1st 2019 I created the Christos Fellas personal brand as a way of documenting my journey as an Amazon seller, but from there it has become so much more.

After helping over 3000 people start and build a successful Amazon business, I realised that I had so much more to give so I decided to brand out my content into more generalised topics.

This brings me to the start of 2020 where my purpose is simple;

“To help and inspire people to generate money from an online business so they can start living life on their own terms”


Early Years

Now as much as people want to hear it, my story isn’t the typical, from nothing to something fairytale. In-fact, I actually had a very good upbringing with my parents always giving me everything I ever needed, but not always everything I ever wanted.

I was taught very early on that if I wanted the finer things in life, then I was going to have to work hard for it.

To this day I always thank my father for teaching me this at such a young age.

Becoming An Entrepreneur

When it comes to talking about my first ever steps into entrepreneurship, it actually came when I was 14 years old.

I was a keen golfer and at the local golf club, myself and friends used to go into the lakes and scoop out all the lost golf balls and sell them back to the members. This was my first every insight into buying and selling. The only difference was that I wasn’t paying anything for the golf balls!

Taking my passion for golf into my teens, between the ages of 16 & 23, I spent all my time pursuing my dream of becoming a professional golfer. After years of trying, practising every single day I realised that I needed to adapt and pursue something different.

This is where I turned to my other passion which was designing websites.

I launched Yanfel Solutions, a digital marketing business that helped small to medium sized companies establish an online presence. This was my first ever true business and in 3 years I made over £40,000.

Working on my Amazon Business in it’s early days

Multiple Passive Income Streams

Whilst my website business was earning great money, growing rapidly with referrals and I was always busy, something didn’t just seem right.

It wasn’t till one evening in December when I was sitting on my balcony that it hit me. I thought to myself:

“If I was to stop designing Websites, would I still get paid?”

Of course the answer is no and that pretty much instantly started my quest into finding a business that could provide a semi passive income stream.

As I was doing my research, Amazon FBA was the only thing that really got me excited. I loved how you could outsource your shipping and let them take care of your customer service, because I really hated that side with the web design business.

So I got started and hit the ground running and did over £50,000 in sales in my first year. During this time saw the birth of my personal brand where I launched a YouTube channel, multiple social media accounts and of course this website.

On the day of writing this post, I can officially say that I am earning passive income in 5 different areas which has just been completely life changing and I’m hoping I can share my journey to help inspire more people to do this as-well.

The Future

So what’s in store for the future?

From a business point of view, for me it’s all about building the current income streams that I have and to be constantly looking at new and interesting ways to make money online.

Now, that I know my knowledge can help people, I want to be able to say I have helped over 100,000 people build a new way of making money that has hopefully set them on the path to financial freedom.

I really believe that the honest and transparent information that I have to offer can help that dream become a reality so if you’re in this with me, then make sure you check out all of my content platforms, engage with my community and let’s achieve this together!

I can’t wait to share my journey with you guys!


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